Open Week 2019: the lands of the Genius

The IVth Edition of OPEN WEEK “From Leonardo to Pinocchio” will start on Sunday 21st of April, Easter: our new way of presenting this magical Tuscany between the lands of the Genius from Vinci and the most famous wooden puppet of the world, Pinocchio, Montecatini Terme and Valdinievole being the center of it.
This edition will be dedicated to the 5th centenary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, celebrated worldwide, who used to travel this area as a young artist, and who kept on recreating our panoramas, plants, smells, food and animals all lifelong with him and in his production.

An extraordinary event within this Open Week will be the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: alle Origini del Genio”, opening on the 15th of April, it will show to the big public the “PAESAGGIO CON FIUME”, that is the famous drawing, the very first panorama in the history of art, that he composed on the 5th of August 1473, on the day of Santa Maria della Neve, recreating our Valdinievole, an incredible art piece donated for the exhibition from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Many events in Montecatini Terme and Valdinievole will be dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, in particular an interactive exhibition dedicated to the Lands of the Genius in Montecatini Alto, featuring HUGE MACHINES and touristic panels all around the valley.

And like all the other editions, Open Week 2019 offers a wide selection of activities in every village of the area: trekking, guided visits, historical walk, birdwatching, food tastings, paragliding and new openings: 10 days of adventure and richness, including the extraordinary opening of a tiny Church in Pescia with its XII wooden sculpture, hardly ever open to public ever since.
An important edition in Borgo a Buggiano, where the “CAMPAGNA DENTRO LE MURA” comes to its Xth edition, and it closes this Open Week on Sunday 28th April, and many activities linked to Pinocchio as well, in the Collodi area, closet o San Gennaro, where the famous Angel of Leonardo has been hidden for centuries, and it is now under restoration, to be soon visible in Fondazione Carlo & Rossana Pedretti, also in Vinci.

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