Tuesday April 23 2019


Vellano (Pescia)


Don’t miss the chance to visit the only active stone cave of the area: it will be possible to visit it with the expert guide of the owner Marco Nardini.
SCHEDULE from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 (or 3.00PM) to 17.00(or 5.00PM)
INFO mandatory booking with Marco NARDINI ph +39 339 5438705

Special Openings



The Art Gallery is located in the former benedictin monastery of San Michele,which we know about since 1104. Many important paintings are exposed here, such a “Last supper” from Fieravante Sansoni di Sorana.
The church of San Michele will also be visible with its artistic glasses, or the wooden choir originally built in the XVI century
SCHEDULE all days above from 15.00 (3.00PM) to 17.00 (or 5.00pm)
INFO Piazza Matteotti, 13 Pescia – GUIDED VISITS pls call +39 349 3618421

Special opening: BONSAI MUSEUM

The Bonsai museum, opened in 1992, offers to the bonsai lovers a huge collection of plants coming from all over the world, among the rarest exhisting on earth, and very old.
The museum was founded by the family Franchi, and it is visited every year by hundreds of experts.
SCHEDULE 8,00/13,00 – 14,30 (2.30pm) /19,00 /7.00PM)
INFO Via Provinciale Lucchese, 159 51012 – Pescia Ph+39 0572 429262 mail info@franchi-bonsai.it.
FREE entrance

Special opening: ANCIENT PRINTING Machines and ANCIENT PRINTS and GRAPHICS Exhibition

BENEDETTI Historical Print-shop
Historical printing machines exhibition, with industrial design elements and ancient original prints and graphics: guided visits with the print-shop owner and artisanal workers.
SCHEDULE from 10,00 to 12,00 and from 15.00 (3.00pm) to 17.00 (5.00pm) FREE ENTRANCE
ADDRESS: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti,10 – Pescia (PT)
INFO mandatory booking for guided tours ph +39 0572 477998 or ph +39 334/8091315
www.stamperiabenedetti.it (only Italian)

Castelvecchio (Pescia)

PIEVE DI CASTELVECCHIO Church – Medieval “PIEVE” Church of Castelvecchio

Opening of the oldest medieval “Pieve” church of the area, fully rebuilt two centuries ago: a “Pieve” was a visible church on the top of a hill or mountain, with a considerably high bell tower to serve more villages in the nearbys of a mountain territory, where more often priests or bishops would come and serve for a Holy Mass. The visit may include the Oratory of Castelvecchio with some 1700 paintings and a scenic view over the valley.
INFO opening only upon reservation PH +39 335 5615543 – +39 0572 400115 (pls call 48hrs before)

Vellano (Pescia)

Special opening: A CAVEMAN COLLECTION: “La Miniera di Publio”

A long lasting life collection of caveman tools and mineral rocks kept in a small museum in the village of Vellano, the biggest one in the Valleriana, or Switzerland from Pescia as they call this area: the tools and rocks also come from the active stone cave “Nardini” close-by.
All the kids visiting with families will get a free gift from the museum!
Please call Mr Biagini +39 330 910517 or ph +39 0572 409181 in advance to arrange visits.
SCHEDULE from 9.00am to 1.00pm and from 15.00 (3.00pm) to 18.00 (6.00pm)
ADDRESS from Pescia drive up in Via Mammianese and follow to Vellano; Via 17 Agosto 1944 – Vellano (Pescia) – restaurants open in the village during Open Week-
INFO ph +39 0572 409181 or +39 330 910517 or email laminieradipublio@libero.it


Located in Via della Pieve — Pescia/Castelvecchio

Opening only by reservation from APRIL 23rd to  MAY 1st  10am/12pm — 3pm/6pm

The reservation must be made 2 days before the visit at 335 5615543 —- 0572/40011

Montecatini Terme

LA SALUTE Terme building special opening “LA SALUTE IN FESTA”

Everyday opening of the historical building of Salute and its park from 10.00 to 18.00 (or 6.00PM)
SCHEDULE Monday 22nd April selling of Pic Nic kits in the park, with games and animation for kids; Thursday 25th April and Wednesday’ 1st May Musica Live music in the afternoon
INFO https://www.facebook.com/La-Salute-Montecatini-Terme

Special Opening: Photography exhibition “Lawn Tennis, Torretta: stile ed eleganza” with historical pictures of the tennis of Montecatini Terme, dedicated to Arrigo Conti and organized by Angeli del Bello association.
SCHEDULE every opening day from 16.00 (or 4.00PM) to 19.00 (or 7.00PM)
INFO Circolo Casina Rossa, Viale Fedeli Montecatini angelidelbellomontecatini@gmail.com

Leonardian Itinerary

Montecatini Alto (Montecatini Terme)

Exhibition “Valdinievole: a look by Leonardo da Vinci”
The exhibition is dedicated to the visions of Leonardo in Valdinievole; a big expositions of the machines of Leonardo will be kept in the rocca, the highest fenced area of the village.
SCHEDULE every day of the open week from 10.00 to 12.30 and from 14.30 (or 2.30PM) to 18.30 (or 6.30 PM) at the Civic Center in via Lemmo di Balduccio, 5. Cost per person € 5,00
INFO www.montecatini-alto.it or www.congliocchidileonardo.it
HOW TO REACH MONTECATINI ALTO (other than with your car)

      1. Funicolar from Piazza Lido Cardelli, from 10.00 to 24.00 (12.00AM) everyday (with lunch break from 13.00 to 14.30) www.funicolare-montecatini.it
      2. Walking or Biking, on our walking path LA CORTA (next to Funicolar) or VIA AMORE, starting from Viale Fedeli, Montecatini Terme.
        Download the app FIND YOUR FUN – Montecatini Outdoor to find out the GPX files of the tracks


Bagnolo (Larciano)

Special Opening: Itinerant Exhibition “Casa Dei”
Temporary exhibition of historical pictures from the Padule Marshland area, and rural tools from the old times: history, evolution and everyday life uses in the marshlands.
SCHEDULE everyday from 15.30 (or 3.30pm) to 18.30 (or 6.30pm)
INFO Pls call +39 335 7789139 or email associazionecasadei@gmail.com.

Leonardian Itinerary


Special opening: Exhibition and Tribute to Carlo Pedretti: “Leonardo da Vinci, La Bellezza & l’Anatomia”, an exhibition related to the beauty and the anatomy in the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.
Organized by kind concession of the Pedretti Carlo and Rossana Fondation, with Proloco Larciano.
SCHEDULE Opening times Mon – Fri from 9.00 to 12.00pm / Saturday 9.00 – 12.00pm and from 15.30 (or 3.30pm) to 18.30 (or 6.30pm)
INFO Please call ph +39 3492103987 or +39 347 6378617 or email info@prolocolarciano.it

Chiesina Uzzanese

Throughout OPEN WEEK 2019
Visit of the Xenodochio Pilgrims hospital, located on an old branch of the Francigena road.
Chiesina Uzzanese was founded and developed around Medieval Age, as the only monument of that age testifies, that is the Xenodochio, a former pilgrims hospital.
This building was originally made by a church and a little area to provide hospitality to the pilgrims travelling to or from Rome. There are many Xenodochio pilgrims hospitals in europe, and the ethimology of the names comes from the ancient greek XENO = guest and DOCHEION = big number.
INFO on the possible visits from Monday to Saturday ph +39 0572 418032
The Xenodochio is located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II square, Chiesina Uzzanese

Throughout the OPEN WEEK 2019
The church of Holy Mary of Loreto in Chiesanuova Uzzanese was built in the XVII century from a family of the village, willing to thank God for the vocation of one of their son to be a priest. Officially it was named a consecrated church in the 1671. Recent restoring works brought to the church new artworls such as the Portal with some sculptures from Amerigo Dorel about the life of Jesus and St Joseph.
OPENING HOURS every day from 10am to 12pm and from 16 (or 4PM) to 18 (or 6PM)
INFO call from Monday to Saturday from 8.00to 13.00 (or 1PM) or call +39 0572 418032
Per l’intero periodo OPEN WEEK 2019
The Church of CHIESANUOVA is located in Piazza Togliatti square in Chiesanuova (Chiesina Uzzanese)

To visit Chiesina Uzzanese or other areas of Valdinievole renting a bike or touring with a bike guide please contact TUSCANY FOR CYCLISTS mr Daniele Marchi ph +39 328 9362984 email marchibike@gmail.com

Ponte Buggianese


Guided visit with the typical small boat “barchino” used by countrymen in the past: hundreds of birds can be spot on their spring and summer habitat, the largest inland humid marsh area in Italy and Europe.
NEW! SUNSET VISIT: departure at dawn, with final aperitive.
SCHEDULE from SUNRISE – 6.00am – until SUNSET, last departure
COST € 30,00 per adult and FREE for kids under 14y – Reservation is MANDATORY
INFO ph +39 329 4340338 email  associazionevolpoca@virgilio.it
ADDRESS Meeting point at Associazione Volpoca (loc. Anchione) – Dogana del Capannone
WEB ADDRESS for more info www.tomontecatini.com/en/valdinievole/padule-di-fucecchio-riserva-naturale